• ARRIS M900 4 Axis Industrial Drone with Tarot Peeper 10X Gimbal with Camera for Security Inspection Aerial Photography
  • ARRIS M900 4 Axis Industrial Drone with Tarot Peeper 10X Gimbal with Camera for Security Inspection Aerial Photography

ARRIS M900 4 Axis Industrial Drone with Tarot Peeper 10X Gimbal with Camera for Security Inspection Aerial Photography

great for security, inspection, aerial photography and etc
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ARRIS M900 is quadcopter specially designed for long flight requirements in industrial applications. It is great for is great for power inspection, fire seach and rescue, traffic patrols, airdrops of supplier and lifesaving equipement, aerial photography and etc. The drone is 90% assembled and adjusted well, you just need to install the arms,battery plate and landing skid, prepare the battery, you can fly. 
Item Brand: ARRIS
Item Model: ARRIS M900
Dignotal wheelbase: 900mm
Folding size: 500x450x600mm
Expanded Size: 700x700x600mm
M900 weight: 3.3kg
Max take off weight: 10kg
Max load: 3.3kg
Power Supply voltage: 6S
Compatible battery: 6S 22.2V 12000mah to 25000mah (not included)
Flight Controller: CUAV Pixhack V5 Plus Flight Controller with GPS
Remote Controlelr: Siyi MK15 Long Range Version HDMI Version
Camera: Tarot Peeper 10X Gimbal with camera
Motor: Eaglepower 5215 220KV Brushless Motor
ESC: Flycolor 40A OPTO ESC
Propeller:ARRIS 22" 2272 Carbon fiber propeller
Main Features:
1. Ultra-long range digital image transmission makes the flight visual and safer.
2. Equipped with Siyi MK15 Transmitter, which has clear image, low delay, long range, strong anti-interference and other features. The 5.5" screen can be used as the ground station, you can see the real-time image from the Tarot Peeper 10X camera  
3. The camera with gimbal can be controlled on the MK15
4. A variety of operating equipment can be mounted with LED spotlights, casters, pan-tilts, and infrared devices for various industrial applications.
5. Small size, easy to carry, only one operator can be carried and operated, which greatly improves work efficiency.
6. Professional dust-proof and waterproof remote control, water discharge level IP64, to meet various working conditions.
7. The new generation of power systems,  during our long-term repeated testing, they have a super powerful endurance performance.   

Convenient and quick release folding parts, CNC machined metal handles. Easy to carry.
ARRIS M900 extended the landing skid, and there reserved many holes on the bottom plate, allows various equipments to be attached. 
CUAV Pixhack V5+ AutoPilot® is an advanced autopilot designed and made in CUAV. The board of the pixhack v5+ is based on the FMUv5 open hardware design, the external interface uses the Dronecode standard pinouts, and the modular design allows the user to design its backplane. It is fully compatible with PX4 and ArduPilot firmware. Mainly used for academic and business development.     

Main Features:
Detachable Core Design
The Pixhack V5+ Autopilot still adopts a modular design, which is convenient for user integration.The core part of the flight control is integrated on the V5 core. The lower plate is detachable and serves only as an external interface carrier, giving consumers a customized space. Users can design their own lower plate according to their own needs.

New Open Source Hardware Design
Pixhack V5 AutoPilot is a new high-performance flight control system based on FMU V5 open source hardware. FMU v5 open source hardware features more advanced processors than FMU V3, larger flash and RAM, and more stable and reliable sensors.


Built-in Patented Damping System
The sensor and the main board of the Pixhack V5+ flight controller are seperated and designed with a built-in high-performance shock absorption system to adapt to various severe enviroments, and the applicability is stronger.


Multi-sensor Redundancy Combination
CUAV Pixhavk V5+ autopilot comes with built-in 5 sets of sensors, the flight controller monitors the multi-channel sensor data in real time, and performs redundant switching immediately in the event of a fault, improving flight safety and stability.


Faster Processor
In terms of hardware configuration, Pixhack V5+ autopilot flight controller abandoned the original STM32F427 processor of the px4 family and selected a more advanced STM32F765 processor with a clock speed of 216MHZ and 2MB FLASH/512K RAM, higher frequency and larger RAM.The clock speed is higher, the RAM is larger,the speed will be greatly improved.

SIYI MK15 Mini Handheld Long Range Remote Controller 15KM 1080P Digital Image Transmission Datalink Transmitter with 5.5" HD Screen

 Main Features:
--15 KM 1080p Digital Image Transmission, [email protected] Video
-- Android 9.0 OS for UAV
-- 8-Core CPU, 2G RAM, 16G ROM
-- IP53 Waterproof/Dustproof
-- 5.8G ISM Band
-- 5.5" 1000 cd/m2 High Brightness HD screen
-- Radio and Datalink
-- IP67 Camera and LED
-- 24000mah Built-in Battery-15H long working life-3H fast charging
-- Support Dual FPV for Front & Back camera
-- 180ms Low Latency
-- Support dual RTK Mapping Module
Tarot Peeper T10X Burshless Gimbal with HD 10x optical zoom camera is widely used in public security monitoring, power inspection, searching and rescuing, remote sensing mapping, life exploration and other types of UAV dron missions.With the gimbal suspension hook comes with the gimbal, it is easy to install on all kinds of multi-rotors.

Item Brand: Tarot
Item Model: Tarot Peeper T10X
Input Voltage: 3s-6s (11V to 26V)
Working Current: 250mA
Pitch Control: -100°to +45°
Attitude control accuracy: +-0.02°
Weight: 365g
Size: 77mm x 105mm x 147mm
Working Temperature: -20℃ to +50℃


Camera Specifications:
Sensor: Effective Pixels: 4M
Lens: 10x optical zoom
Diagonal FOV: 66.6°-7.2°(A1)
HDMI Wire version: 1.4
Output Format: 1080P 60FPS/720P 60FPS/480P 60FPS
Min. Focus Distance: 10mm-300mm
Video Format: MOV
Working: Recording
Exposure Compensation: Auto (shutter priority as default)
Exposure Compensation: +-2.0 (1/3 increments)
Metering mode: Average metering
Electronic shutter speed: Auto
White Balance: Auto/Daylight/Cloudy/Flurescent light/Tungsten lamp
Video Captions: Supported
One Key to 1xImage: Supported
Anti-flicker: 50Hz, 60Hz
PAL/NTSC: Supported
Support SD Cards: Max. Capacity 32GB
Support File Systems: FAT32 (<=32GB)
Assistant Software Supporting Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10


Pacakge Included:
1 * ARRIS M900 4-axis quadcopter frame
4 * Eaglepower 5215 EA50 220 KV brushless motor
4 * Flycolor 40A OPTO ESC
2 * ARRIS 22in carbon fiber propeller
1 * CUAV Pixhack V5 Plus Flight Controller with GPS
1 * SIYI MK15 HDMI Version Remote controller
1 * Tattu Plus 6S 22000mah Lipo Battery
1 * Skyrc PC1080 Dual channel Battery charger
1 * Tarot Peeper 10X Burshless Gimbal with HD 10X Optical Zoom Camera 
Note: The 6S 22000mah battery need to ship in one parcel, MK15 with built-in battery ship in one parcel and the rest of the items in one parcel. 

1. When you receive the drone, please install the parts according to the following video:

2. After assembling,  please check the User guide for testing it outsdie.
M900 User Guide

General Introduction
The following videos are some functions. Check what you may need.
Automatically Takeoff & Land
Note: When you arm the drone, please put the throttle stick at the lowest position until the propeller rotate.

 Mission Plan Operate Automatically

Mission Plan Save and Upload to Radio

Drop and Releasing Device System Test

Compass Calibration

Route Plan Mission Plan in the APP
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